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Following up on my post in April, Microsoft have announced that Windows 8 will be revised.  The news is catching up  with the views again, as many tech commentators have voiced their concerns since the launch of Windows 8 seven months ago.  Hopefully the update from Microsoft will address consumer concerns about the ribbon interface, […]

Grabbing headlines is still fairly easy for a CEO of a global top 250 company.  You simply have to say something very provocative in the media.  Sadly, this isn’t necessarily the same as saying something influential (e.g. providing thought leadership), career progressing, or even likely to be well informed. Blackberry used to be a highly […]

Anyone who has bought a new mobile phone, only to find out there was a problem with it, may sympathise with Apple’s woes on product quality.  But whereas consumers may have a mixed reception when they try to return a faulty mobile.  Apple’s iPhone manufacturing partner, Foxconn in China, appear to have been more flexible with their […]

Someone important at Microsoft has realised that Windows 8 really isn’t what people want.  So prepare for an update to Windows 8.1; this may just possibly be nearly be as good as Windows 7.  Go figure. When it launched in October 2012, I had to wonder if Windows 8 had been sponsored by joint funding […]

News of the new MW4 FPS game, to be called Call of Duty Ghosts, has been leaked today after it was temporarily referenced on a retailer’s website. More news will follow in May 2013 about the launch later this year.  

Apologies I’ve not posted here in several months. What have I been up to? I joined MESH Planning in November 2012.  Outside of my busy day job, I’ve also been working on several new strategic planning tools and presentations. I also run the Twitter feed for Plannersphere ( and this account now has 1,200 followers […]

Fonejacker and Facejacker from Hat Trick and Channel 4 Enjoy the clip from Moira’s: Moira on Fonejacker  

BBC iPlayer link to the Radio 4 programme that discusses the 12″ vinyl single; this music format peaked in popularity back in the 1980′s: Here The programme is hosted by Paul Morley and features contributions by Trevor Horn, Peter Hook and Peter Saville.

Social Media explained, by Three Ships Media, with donuts.

An interesting article from The Insider: Here I like the resonant phrase “With robots as friends, learning is play and play is learning.”

Ofcom has today changed its focus toward wanting near 100% UK coverage from the next generation 4G mobile phone network frequecy licences. Ofcom will also no longer offer a guarantee for preferential treatment in considering applications from mobile operators who don’t currently have 800MHz frequency space. This potentially impacts on Orange and 3 harder than […]

A news item from the BBC on the ultra competitive world of artistic school lunch box design in Japan.

TechCrunch have published some Comscore data that compares Facebook and Twitter, among others, to the new kid on the social media block, Google+. Google+ had a respectable 66 million unique visitors last month. While this may fall well short of the 150 million some forecasters were speculating, it’s still early days for Google’s site. Like […]

An interesting piece of research on the size of the audience currently using apps on Apple iPhone and Android smartphones, split by country: Here Tech Crunch have added some commentary for the data.

Michael Schrage blogs his innovative ideas for 2012 in full: Here 1. The Slacktivism Co-Opt As much a term of derision as global sociological phenomenon, slacktivism has emerged as social media’s way of making support for a cause as easy as a re-tweet or clicking Facebook’s “like” button. Critics insist that this “path of least […]

David Armano’s 6 predctions for social media in 2012 in full: Here In summary: Convergence Emergence. For a glimpse into how social will further integrate with “real life,” we can look at what Coca Cola experimented with all the way back in 2010. Coke created an amusement park where participants could “swipe” their RFID-equipped wristbands […]


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