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The Premise: Brands benefit from elevating themselves into a position of iconic leadership, becoming brands that are celebrated because of their engaging belief and distinctive appeal.  People want to engage more and will pay more for brands that are celebrated as desirable and different. To help build a cult following (and this doesn’t imply a […]

Brands are more interesting when they explore the edges of the world around us, rather than reflect mainstream convention.  Conformity fails to provoke appraisal and consumers are more engaged by distinctive experiences. Be unconventional.

A visual representation of key brand performance indicators (KPI’s) used in tracking studies.  These have been split into metrics that are powerful in differentiating  a brand versus brand hygiene factors that indicate how a brand remains competitive.

Ubiquity in a movie sound effect: The Wilhelm Scream

Seven steps to a culture of innovation: Here

Ad Age indicate the Brands with the highest ad spend in 2010, by category. Along with useful social media performance tables: Here

I wonder what a UK version of this popular music infogaphic would look like?

USB Typewriter


Jacob Cass presents a TEDx talk on developing your personal brand using socal media: Here

An interesting infographic on adding play into your business.

Jagger famously sang ‘You can’t always get what you want.’ But if you can’t go to Cannes for the advertising festival, but you are in London, at least you can go to Cannt – the festival for those who can’t travel to Cannes. Find out all about the week of festivities that start on Sunday: […]

Do you read brand valuation tables? Millward Brown’s BrandZ Top 100? Perhaps Interbrand’s Best 100 Brands? How about Empire Avenue – a social media exchange that ranks and values brands? Read more: Here

An update on the agency softball league performance. Info on The Apple Cart Festival. The London music and comedy festival where your kids come along for free. The only chance to see the Magic Numbers, Badly Drawn Boy and Tim Minchin perform on the same day. 7th August 2011, Victoria Park, Grove Road, Hackney, London, E3 5SN


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