Interesting news for Photoshop fans.  You will soon be able to change the perspective further within an image, as well as print your design work using native 3D printer support.

Read more at PC magazine: HERE

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The full press launch video from Absolute Radio and the summary of the nominations from The Telegraph:

The Telegraph summary link:

The BAFTA Nominations 2014

While TV sets with curved screens have been in the news over the last year. Samsung have unveiled a product at CES 2014 in Las Vegas this week that showcases a new technology development.

The demonstration unit has an 85″ LCD HD screen that may change from a flat screen to a curved display at the click of a button.  So whether you wish to sit back and watch a movie in cinematic style, or be more more surrounded by a screen to help you immerse yourself while playing a gaming console.  This amazing TV delivers both options with a huge wow factor.


This week sees new tech launch announcements from the CES event being held in Las Vegas.  Here are two launch reports by Pocket Now for new smartphones from the Sony show stand:

The new Sony Xperia Z1 compact

This looks like a great product, sized similar to the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini and Apple iPhone 5S. So it’s more pocketable and easy to hold than the larger flagship Xperia Z1. But it appears to retain many of the high specifications of it’s larger sibling:

The new Sony Xperia Z1S

This is a minor version tweak that replaces the aluminium case band with plastic, but otherwise it looks very similar to the current Xperia Z1.



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