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I always feel a little prickly when people demand insights from research, but usually settle for observations without understanding the difference. But then of course I annoy myself by failing to always be consistent in what I perceive defines an insight rather than an observation. So here and for the first time, I’m actually committing […]

I work on Phones 4u’s advertising. Here’s a story that apppeared this morning on Brand Republic about some of my work (cue trumpet blowing): Phones4u ad campaign most cost-efficient by Jacquie Bowser Brand Republic 04-Apr-07, 10:15 ( ) LONDON – Phones4u’s £9.5m advertising campaign starring Jack, the affable American, was the most cost efficient […]

Stephen King is an intriguing character and is a tech serial entrepreneur, it’s not the fiction writer that I’m refering to.  King successfully negotiated the sale of Merant, a leading change management software company, in 2004 to its competitor, Serena Software.  This made significant shareholder value.  He joined a Canadian communication management software company, as […]