market research: insight or simply observation?


I always feel a little prickly when people demand insights from research, but usually settle for observations without understanding the difference. But then of course I annoy myself by failing to always be consistent in what I perceive defines an insight rather than an observation.

So here and for the first time, I’m actually committing to a definition.

Insight vs Observation

Insights are epiphanies, providing marketing leverage that allows your work to drive competitive advantage, create brand difference and increase profit in a manner that leaves consumers and competitors thinking you did it right / first / best.

Observations tell you what was there all along, but not necessarily documented or understood.

I wonder how long it will be before I itch to edit this? The definition for what I believe an insight is sounds plannery and inspiring, but is it specific, measurable and replicable in different situations? Or does it have to be?


One Response to “market research: insight or simply observation?”

  1. Excellent article. I’m experiencing many of these issues as well..

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