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What was intended as a swift reply to a post on John Griffith’s blog has turned into a lunchtime post here I’m afraid. The wandering conversation links in turn to Rory Sutherland’s blog (this link may not work as Campaign Magazine isn’t entirely open access) I believe Rory Sutherland is correct when saying […]

Step once more unto the breach. As the astute account planners amongst you will have noticed, Richard Huntingdon has recently posted a persuasive and thought provoking blog regarding his desire to kill brainstorms. In a nutshell his view could be summarised as an understandable concern that if you round up a group of waifs and […]

I’d like to ban the term ‘good value.’ It is vague, open to differing interpretations by consumers and too often used as a disguise for something that is neither the best nor the cheapest. Good value is commonly claimed as a territory a brand may own by marketing people who’ve given up on making their […]

Hasbro, the owner of many of the most popular board games in the world, have just responded to the needs of their noughties consumers. As we all know, time is the most precious commodity in the world. Hasbro noticed a lack of game playing in hectic modern family life and so they commissioned some research […]

With the end of the policy of Sakoku (seclusion or “closed country”) in the 1850’s, Western trade began to flow to and from Japan beyond the restricted Dutch East Indies trade enclave in Nagasaki and Europeans began to visit Japan in larger numbers. While porcelain and lacquerware had been exported by the Dutch for years, […]

It appears that Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister in waiting here in the U.K., is starting to reveal a new dimension to his persona. With a few tips from Jon Culshaw or Rory Bremner, he may well be able to pass this impression off at the dispatch box. If he does model his persona during […]

may playlist


I’ve now posted my playlist for May on the blog. This is accessible from the site; check the title tab ‘what am I listening to this month.’