are friends electric? are account planners autistic?


I’ve spent the day answering the phone just before it rings and frantically emailing info just as colleagues call to ask for it. Do you ever encounter days where you tip way past busy and start to action things like a production line?

I guess it’s something like working within the same creative team for many years. There’s heavy anticipation and work flows in fluid action from one to another, with hardly a word sometimes. Before you know it 12 hours have flown by. You still need a lunch, but a mountain of work that couldn’t normally be achieved has been completed.

Strangely I find my best planning thoughts often come to me on busy days like these and not in the wistful silence of a latte in Borders book shop or from the blank page of a moleskin journal.

Amid the grind of project implementation, creative reviews, report writing, award entries and staff training something else seems to tick. I guess that while my brain is busy and working on the immediate task in hand, the buzz of activity further awakens other planning thoughts.

It’s a wonderful feeling when everything flows and no problem is insurmountable. Even a haiku springs to mind at my slightest whim:

The computer dims.
At last the keyboard falls silent.
Random memory.

I wish it were always so easy to direct thoughts profitably, because there are some days when I can’t even work a toaster.

Most of the account planners I know struggle to find the right meeting room in an agency. And yet if they were asked to provide directions, they would produce a beautifully detailed map of the route to the room for you in moments.

Maybe as a breed we are all ever so slightly autistic? There is certainly a touch of otherworldliness at some of the meetings I attend.

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