updated TGI chart – consumers who love TV ads as much as the programmes


There was a post on another planning blog recently that included a wonderful chart. It demonstrated the decline in the % level of consumers who say they enjoy watching the TV ads as much as the programmes in the U.K.

The data originally posted covered 1984-2004. With the help of colleagues with access to TGI, I’m posting an updated version of the chart to cover the period up to 2006.

TGI 84-06

Download file here
TGI I like ads as much

Three points to note:

1. Apologies I can’t remember the original source for the chart. I hope you don’t mind me updating this -please correct my lack of a thank you reference somebody.

2. The original data omitted 1985. I have also left this year out. My reason may be different than that originally intended. TGI data reports were produced on paper during the 1980’s and this data hasn’t all been added to the computerised system we use today. I didn’t have the heart to ask my colleagues, Louise Walsh and Emma Kirby, to fight their way through boxes of dusty files for the figure from the missing year.

3. There appears to be a discrepancy in the data for 1989. The data shown here and on the originally circulated chart indicates a (suspiciously rounded?) score of 30% for this year. This helps maintain the curve showing the rise in the appeal in advertising during the late 1980’s. The data I have recently received indicates a figure for 1989 of just 21.7% – a significant drop by any comparison. If anyone is able to enlighten me on this I’d love to hear if ads reported marked lower appeal in that year for some reason or if there is a data reporting error? I have chosen to stick with the previously circulated figure on my updated chart until I better understand why there is a discrepancy.

3 Responses to “updated TGI chart – consumers who love TV ads as much as the programmes”

  1. You’ll be pleased to hear that the brilliant Dave Brennan at Thinkbox is working with a couple of agencies to try and understand this phenomenon. Have the ads got worse or the programmes better?

    One hypothesis that we will be interested to test out is that people’s enjoyment of the TV they personally choose to watch has gone up (although they might have a perception that the stuff they don’t watch is not so good). This is all because of the explosion of choice and the control consumers now have over what TV they watch when. If you only ever wanted to watch sport(or news, or drama etc) more people are able top make that choice compared to 10 years ago.

    We think this might be one reason that people start watching more TV when they get a PVR (or DTR – DIgital Television Receiver, another one for your Wiki). They never watch what they don’t really love.

    But when we get any results it’ll be publicised on the Thinkbox website, as well as the other partners’ sites.

  2. I already need to edit! DTR is of course a Digital TV Recorder.

  3. 3 brandtao

    I look forward ot seeing the results and I’ve added DTR to the TV media wiki.

    Many thanks Tess.


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