ban the term ‘good value’


I’d like to ban the term ‘good value.’

It is vague, open to differing interpretations by consumers and too often used as a disguise for something that is neither the best nor the cheapest. Good value is commonly claimed as a territory a brand may own by marketing people who’ve given up on making their brand or product innovative, more desirable or cheaper. The phrase is virtually slang for indecisiveness and a failure in the making – it simply won’t help a brand survive in a competitive economy.

What you call good or great value, I call poorly differentiated or represented brand opportunity. Value brands inevitably edge toward the status of becoming commodities. And commodities risk becoming so devalued they are given away or bundled with another branded good in order to return some semblance of return on their production and operation costs.

So I encourage you to reject mediocrity and indistinction. And hope you will board the bus travelling to differentiation and profit. Ban the Good Value chimera while you still have a choice.

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