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I’ve now added the track list from this month’s iPod playlist. These may be accessed from my blog by clicking on the tab at the top of the site labelled ‘What am I listening to this month?’ I also have a radio station and playlist on Last.FM. If you like digital radio widgets I recommend […]

stim images


Nothing scientific here today, just a collection of images I photographed at Chessington. Hopefully one or two might add a little visual impact to a future presentation or pecha kucha?

I’ve recognised a couple of trends and a potential pit-fall in how I develop thinking since I started to write this blog. Firstly the stimulus that leads me to write a blog post doesn’t usually remain the key subject of the final post. Secondly, I use my blog to occasionally develop planning insight or tools […]

While researching teenage consumers recently in the U.K. I’ve come to some conclusions about how they prefer to be engaged by brands. Teenagers are one of the most highly targeted consumer groups, due to their willingness to adopt new products and brands. They aren’t averse to trying something different or new in the way adults […]

The new logo for the London 2012 Olympics has been unveiled. The design was created by Wolff Ollins. Sadly it smacks of middle-aged designers battling with a tortuous brief that asks a logo to “Inspire everyone, particularly ‘Youff’, to take part in supporting and participating in the cultural and sporting event that is the Olympic […]

Chroma is a great blog and I’ve noticed a recent post there that contains a demonstration of surface computing. It appears a surface computing wall has been set up in Helsinki that allows consumers to use the device as a social media tool, accessing public sources such as Flikr and YouTube. The hope is that […]

Microsoft Surface: Hands-on First Look Video: Behind the scenes with the Microsoft coffee table that could change the way we interact with computers. Surface Computing Video Check out the video link to see the cool new surface computer technology from Microsoft. The stills I’ve posted above are from the demonstration sequence that shows a […]