surface computing – touch-sensitive computer screens, walls and table tops


Microsoft Surface: Hands-on First Look

Video: Behind the scenes with the Microsoft coffee table that could change the way we interact with computers.

Surface Computing Video

Surface Computing 1

Surface Computing 2

Surface Computing 3

Surface Computing 4

Surface Computing 5

Surface Computing 6

Check out the video link to see the cool new surface computer technology from Microsoft. The stills I’ve posted above are from the demonstration sequence that shows a photo being transferred wirelessly from a digital camera to the surface of the coffee table. Here the image may be moved, resized/ edited etc. Then the finished image is transferred wirelessly to a mobile phone that the table identifies as the destination device.

The system is an innovative way of allowing people to interact with photo libraries, video, maps, catalogues and games. Systems cost between US$5k and US$10k per coffee table.

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