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away on holiday


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Like many of you, I will be taking a holiday soon, so I apologise if I slip on posting a little while away. Do you remember the agony of choice when preparing what music to take with you on holiday? Okay, so I’m not old enough to remember 8 track tapes, but as a kid […]


clarity, please


There are days when you really start to think some people have given up trying to be clear and would rather speak gibberish. I’ve potentially found the ideal training course to help us all understand such people.

I’ve often thought surveys are the most brutal and easy to manipulate form of market research. And yet they remain so compelling. – Audiences may be selected with care, in terms of specific attributes, or are sometimes relevant purely because they are randomly selected – The order, number and framing of the questions has a […]

From my point of view Media Planners are starting to fall into three categories: Mediaheads – Those who maintain an overview of the total market and have a great deal of useful general market knowledge, relying on specialists to fill the gaps in their information. Communication Planners – Those who mix consumer audience insight and […]

10million pixels on a mobile phone’s camera was a major celebration in South Korea for Samsung. The video shows a people pixel routine as part of the launch.

The Apple iPhone, which was unveiled by Steve Jobs at Macworld in January 2007, finally went on sale last weekend and the sales figures have now been reported. MacNN has reported that 95 of the 164 Apple Stores in the US have already sold out. And AT&T entire stock is likely to be gone by […]

John Griffiths kindly put Redwood Publishing in touch with me a few weeks ago. Redwood were searching for planning advice for brands considering entering the virtual reality world and online social network Second Life. With over a million regular users, Second Life isn’t experiencing the sort of growth associated with Facebook right now. But that […]