media planners and media channel proliferation


From my point of view Media Planners are starting to fall into three categories:

Mediaheads – Those who maintain an overview of the total market and have a great deal of useful general market knowledge, relying on specialists to fill the gaps in their information.

Communication Planners – Those who mix consumer audience insight and media consumption with brand strategy. They aren’t necessarily the most informed on any media companies strategy, but they know how to leverage brand engagement throughout a media campaign by understanding consumers.

Specialists – in areas such as TV and Digital it’s now so complex and fragmented that specialists are scrabbling to keep up with change and the other two types of media planner only have an increasingly out-of-date view of these areas.

I believe these are the Media Proliferation figures for 2006 in the U.K. (Source Brad and Kinetic):

U.K. media channels / publications / sites

Digital 1,777 (key portal, social media, news, email etc.)
National Newspapers 139
Regional Newspapers 2,573
Consumer Press 3,413
Business Press 5,103
Television 221
Radio 389
Outdoor Posters 120,000
Cinema 3,560 screens at 770 cinemas

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