what am I listening to this month?


Like many of you, I will be taking a holiday soon, so I apologise if I slip on posting a little while away.

Do you remember the agony of choice when preparing what music to take with you on holiday? Okay, so I’m not old enough to remember 8 track tapes, but as a kid I would bring a pile of music cassette tapes with my Walkman on every holiday. Then it was CD’s and Mini Discs before I finally traded in the travel bag of music media that I used to carry for an iPod a few years ago.

The old agony of choice has been replaced by a device that has all 10,000 tracks. Now of course I have a digital agony of choice. Do I create playlists just for my holiday? You bet. But choosing which few hundred tracks and putting them in order is a pleasure more than a chore. Especially when you can flick through the artwork covers on iTunes. A pleasant task for tomorrow night before I go away.

Anyway, my latest list of albums that I’m listening to is updated for July and accessible directly from my blog using the tab marked ‘what am I listening to.’ The new Nick Drake album (I know he’s been dead 30 years, but it includes previously unreleased material) also has some comments that I’ve added after listening to it this week.

Nick Drake

Bring on the sun.

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