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Here are the results from a poll of 1,000 Facebook users today concerning their opinion on the best video game console. Before you think ‘wow look at the female gender bias for the Wii’ – check the total number of female participants. It seems the Wii is popular across both genders, as is the PS3. […]

Flikr is being mashed, app’d and hacked around to great effect. Here are three ways I brighten up presentations: retrievr This allows you to either upload an image or draw a sketch in your chosen colours, the app then identifies images on Flikr with similar colour palettes and shapes, presenting the closest matches for selection. […]

A new brand planning tool: Click on link here: BrandStars & ProductPlanets

According to Barclays Premier Banking there are now one million individuals in England and Wales who earn £100,000+ a year. The top 20 richest areas are: 1 – Kensington and Chelsea, London, average income £101,600 a year 2 – Cities of London and Westminster, London, average income £81,425 a year 3 – Hampstead and Highgate, […]

This weekend I listened to Martin Lindstrom’s presentation on Sensory Branding. The podcast and accompanying Powerpoint presentation are worth hunting down, as Martin’s Brand Sense agency have a compelling series of arguments to support the engagement of all our 5 senses through brand communications, packaging and service touch points. In one of his examples 600 […]

The British Museum have an exhibition I recommend to you entitled Crafting Beauty in Modern Japan. As well as displaying some exquisite objects, the museum have arranged talks and demonstratinos with some of the artists and craftman during the exhibition. details here