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The British Museum have an exhibition I recommend to you entitled Crafting Beauty in Modern Japan. As well as displaying some exquisite objects, the museum have arranged talks and demonstratinos with some of the artists and craftman during the exhibition. details here

Sorry I missed this one while I was on holiday. This is a mirror that displays scrolling text it receives from mobile phone text messages. It’s fun, currently expensive and just waiting for a commercial application that will lower the production unit cost. See the mirror

I’m loving it


I love this campaign by The Marketing Store for their client McDonald’s in Hong Kong. At the same time I find it a little disturbing to my Western eye. But I can imagine Chinese consumers starting to collect such cutesy imagery on this packaging. Unlike me, they probably won’t wonder if the picture on the […]

I just had another epiphany. I know, I get more of them that Joan of Arc. But as M&C Saatchi would say, simplicity is truth. Seth Godin was saying (yes, you know Seth) that no-one reads anymore. I admit I am guilty. I do not read as much as I did 20 years ago. Being […]