raising the pulse of women by 20% and being distinctly recognisable


This weekend I listened to Martin Lindstrom’s presentation on Sensory Branding. The podcast and accompanying Powerpoint presentation are worth hunting down, as Martin’s Brand Sense agency have a compelling series of arguments to support the engagement of all our 5 senses through brand communications, packaging and service touch points.

In one of his examples 600 women had their pulse monitored as they were each handed an unlabelled box that looked like:

Unlabelled Box

On average their pulse raised by 20% and this apparently goes beyond the level of effect for passing them a gift wrapped present of any other colour.

There was a verified level of recognition that the box colour is unique to Tiffany & Co, the jeweller:


While I am sceptical about colour alone being an effective brand differentiator in order to create preference (look how relatively ineffective it is in its use by the mobile phone networks for example). It’s clear that modern marketing is largely visual and insufficiently identifiable beyond a recurring use of logos.

Consistency in use of other signature elements such as tunes, smells, colours, fabric, materials, textures, words, sounds and tastes are all able to play a part in ensuring a brand lives beyond it’s logo and is identifiable from a number of different signals.

The Singapore Airlines case study in the podcast and Powerpoint deck is a particularly compelling example of a brand that is actively using multiple sensory branding elements to create tangible brand difference.

How to obtain the podcast and the accompanying presentation:

The podcast is available via iTunes if you sign-up to the podcast link called MBA Podcasts. Martin’s podcast was titled Sensory Branding. You then need to download the accompanying Powerpoint slides by visiting:


Turn off the annoyingly loud music on the top left of the page. Then scan along the top to the heading titled CONFERENCE DOWNLOADS.
Click here and the password is ‘amazing’

You supply an email address and are then allowed to download the file.

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