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This clip has all the hallmarks of Monty Python at the peak of their TV series prowess: rage against official absurdity, irritating diversion through minutiae, and silliness derived from a parody of truth. It still raises a smile even today. Monty Python – Management Training

As you probably know, Apple have negotiated deals to ensure they earn an on-going share of revenue from mobile use when people buy an iPhone. In the USA AT&T are the official network partner, here in the UK it’s set to be O2. A figure of 10% has been reported in the mobile press as […]

I like this post on the Language Trainers blog. It takes a look at 10 common hand-gestures and explores how their meaning may differ depending on your country/culture/religion. The Language Trainers Blog

I love the myopia of market research; particularly when researchers make such an effort to believe what consumers say, rather than check what they actually do. Here’s an example recently reported on Research magazine’s website (LINK) Broadcaster denies acting on research showing that news bulletins must be read by young and attractive women. UK — […]

The latest Phones 4u TV ad has appeared on YouTube. It seems all the ads get posted there by enthusiasts, but I’ve grouped some of the advertising material together for easy reference. While Jack, the charismatic Phones 4u guy, has appeared in all my ads; the latest TVC introduces a new character – Whittling Dan. […]

The image below has been causing a rather strange debate on Flikr. While some people simply see a security guard frisking a passenger at Detroit Metro airport. Others have suggested that the idea of a Muslim security guard searching a Christian nun for weapons under the the American flag at the Detroit airport contains a […]

Facts are fuel for planners. Without the researchers and information departments that we toil with over consumer comment and data every day, we’d be left working on intuition and supposition. This weekend I stumbled upon a great new indie short movie released on the internet. It’s a a comic take on the FCU (fact checking […]