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This clip has all the hallmarks of Monty Python at the peak of their TV series prowess: rage against official absurdity, irritating diversion through minutiae, and silliness derived from a parody of truth. It still raises a smile even today. Monty Python – Management Training

As you probably know, Apple have negotiated deals to ensure they earn an on-going share of revenue from mobile use when people buy an iPhone. In the USA AT&T are the official network partner, here in the UK it’s set to be O2. A figure of 10% has been reported in the mobile press as […]

I like this post on the Language Trainers blog. It takes a look at 10 common hand-gestures and explores how their meaning may differ depending on your country/culture/religion. The Language Trainers Blog

I love the myopia of market research; particularly when researchers make such an effort to believe what consumers say, rather than check what they actually do. Here’s an example recently reported on Research magazine’s website (LINK) Broadcaster denies acting on research showing that news bulletins must be read by young and attractive women. UK — […]

The latest Phones 4u TV ad has appeared on YouTube. It seems all the ads get posted there by enthusiasts, but I’ve grouped some of the advertising material together for easy reference. While Jack, the charismatic Phones 4u guy, has appeared in all my ads; the latest TVC introduces a new character – Whittling Dan. […]

The image below has been causing a rather strange debate on Flikr. While some people simply see a security guard frisking a passenger at Detroit Metro airport. Others have suggested that the idea of a Muslim security guard searching a Christian nun for weapons under the the American flag at the Detroit airport contains a […]

Facts are fuel for planners. Without the researchers and information departments that we toil with over consumer comment and data every day, we’d be left working on intuition and supposition. This weekend I stumbled upon a great new indie short movie released on the internet. It’s a a comic take on the FCU (fact checking […]

A blind teen in America has learnt to use echo location and his other senses to ‘see.’ Video Link

Omnifone are the MusicStation service provider. One to watch.

This weekend sees the return of Open House London, the event that allows people to visit many of the landmark buildings in the capital. Whether you’d like to look inside some of the most modern or historic buildings; over 600 premises with architectural significance are throwing their doors open to the public on Saturday and […]

The question was ‘Why 20% of Americans can’t find the USA on a map.’ The answer, for a certain young lady from South Carolina, was difficult to articulate at the time. First watch the car crash – it’s painful: Miss Teen South Carolina’s Initial Answer Fortunately she recognised how the media work and made a […]

International Literacy Day takes place on 8th Sept. It is promoted by the United Nations in recognition that over 800 million men, women and children cannot read or write even their own names. To find out a little more visit the Literacy Trust in the UK Or the United Nations weblink If you would like […]

Following the uproar in the US surrounding the surprise price discounting of the Apple iPhone from $599 to $399 in just 2 months since it was launched. Steve Jobs has rapidly responded to the criticism from thousands of customers in the last 24 hours who felt they had supported Apple but paid too much. Steve […]

There are times when any technology based service blinks, or worse, fails. While people familiar with Second Life (generally down for several hours each month) or Slideshare (over an hour today) experience this sort of inconvenience online regularly. Today it appears to have been the common experience for those who Twitter. My point is simple: […]

There are occasionally moments in life when one is simply left in awe. Like many I have contributed, in what seems an insignificant way, to the needs of several people through the Kiva charity in the last few months. The Kiva charity is different in several ways: – You choose the individual you are supporting […]

Here are links to the Shiny Shiny and Engadget blog coverage of Apple’s event yesterday announcing new results for iTunes, the launch of new iPods and a significant price cut for the iPhone. Steve Jobs sure had a lot of positive things to talk about since the annual Mac World event around 7 months ago. […]

Well it’s now one week after I posted my new brand positioning and mapping tool and I must say I am very pleased with the level of interest it has received. I posted the Powerpoint intro on and placed a link at Plannerspere under the planning tools section. So far it has achieved 1,400 […]

There are some days when no matter how clear the message, it doesn’t seem to get through to someone. I guess it’s best to check if their hailing frequency is clear before you send your message.