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Following the uproar in the US surrounding the surprise price discounting of the Apple iPhone from $599 to $399 in just 2 months since it was launched. Steve Jobs has rapidly responded to the criticism from thousands of customers in the last 24 hours who felt they had supported Apple but paid too much. Steve […]

There are times when any technology based service blinks, or worse, fails. While people familiar with Second Life (generally down for several hours each month) or Slideshare (over an hour today) experience this sort of inconvenience online regularly. Today it appears to have been the common experience for those who Twitter. My point is simple: […]

There are occasionally moments in life when one is simply left in awe. Like many I have contributed, in what seems an insignificant way, to the needs of several people through the Kiva charity in the last few months. The Kiva charity is different in several ways: – You choose the individual you are supporting […]

Here are links to the Shiny Shiny and Engadget blog coverage of Apple’s event yesterday announcing new results for iTunes, the launch of new iPods and a significant price cut for the iPhone. Steve Jobs sure had a lot of positive things to talk about since the annual Mac World event around 7 months ago. […]