Whittling Dan – one for Phones 4u TV ad fans


The latest Phones 4u TV ad has appeared on YouTube. It seems all the ads get posted there by enthusiasts, but I’ve grouped some of the advertising material together for easy reference.

While Jack, the charismatic Phones 4u guy, has appeared in all my ads; the latest TVC introduces a new character – Whittling Dan.

He’s amazing.


Link: Whittling Dan Fan

Whittling Dan

3 Responses to “Whittling Dan – one for Phones 4u TV ad fans”

  1. 1 Andrew - Billy Boy

    Hi martin

    Still no signs of Phones4U making any new adds.

    Andrew – Billy Boy

  2. 2 Martin Hansen

    No Billy Boy, I’ve only seen poster ad’s, so far only Mary and Kaptain, I’ll keep and eye out

  3. 3 Martin Hansen

    love this site, done by a whittling Dan fan, thank you

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