mobile publishing in Japan


A wonderful article appeared on Guardian Unlimited last week regarding the rising market in Japan for digital novels created specifically for reading on mobile phones. These are targeted at the mobile phone text-generation of teen-to-twenty-somethings labelled the thumb tribe (“oyayubi zoku”) in Japan.

Previously unknown authors are writing short and punchy stories that aren’t subtle, but do appeal to SMS text users who’ve grown used to reading in the 140-160 character format that mobile phones often use – something I call burst-speech.

Sales number in the hundreds of thousands for an average best-seller. And there is news that the latest mobile blockbuster, Love Sky (1.3m buyers), has secured a movie deal.

This relatively new genre of digital publishing seems to be growing in popularity. Chick lit for the digiteen generation perhaps? Whatever would Bridget Jones think?

Enjoy the full article here.

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