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What is it about China that let’s it overshadow India in the minds of so many Western journalists and marketing commentators at present? I recently took a look at some of the socio-economic trends in China, here are some of the findings: Today China‚Äôs children are born into a country that is radically different to […]

I’m feeling feisty as I post this, so I hope you won’t take exception. One of the delights of the digital age is being able to check the terms people have searched for you under. I was pleased to find one visitor to my blog today had typed in the term ‘Kevin Sugrue, Stunt Double.’ […]

Marketing Week magazine posted an article in the last week that caught my interest. It concerns the BARB TV measurement system in the U.K. and the planned switch to using TNS/Arbitron to supply the data for the system. I’ve posted the item below; in case you haven’t seen the article. The issue that concerns me […]

Plaxo had a hold on some of my digital space before they were overtaken by Linked In as my business contact directory. But Plaxo have now firmly positioned themselves beyond the site for all your business cards, mobile phone and email address data to amalgamating some of the functions of both Facebook and Linked In. […]

I know the digital revolution is meant to have changed everything in the blink of an eye, but here’s a question for you: How long ago did the first mobile internet connection take place? I admit working on my first website in 1993 and advising a major brand to develop their first website in 1994. […]

Hi, The latest Phones 4u TV ad is now on air (November-December 2007). If TV is against your religion, you should be able to take a peak at the ad here: LINK HERE As with all the previous WCRS/Jack Marshall ads: – Copy Writer – Steve Little – Art Director: Andy Dibb – Director: Brian […]

Hi, I’m back from the 3 week hiatus. Lots of work and a couple of breaks have kept me away. But today, in 17 minutes time in fact, Apple Stores and O2 stores will start to sell the long awaited iPhone in the U.K. A lot has been said and expectations are high for the […]