iPhone launch today at 6.02



I’m back from the 3 week hiatus. Lots of work and a couple of breaks have kept me away. But today, in 17 minutes time in fact, Apple Stores and O2 stores will start to sell the long awaited iPhone in the U.K.

A lot has been said and expectations are high for the launch. But, to be honest, I’m looking forward to the next Apple iPhone product, not this one.

First of all the 2G handset on sale today will be very slow at web surfing and the 2MP camera was out of date by Spring this year. Now it’s positively antiquated by 5MP rivals that also have flash. While the design looks great and the phone is intuitive to use, the inclusion of iTunes will be enough to satisfy many buyers.

But I’m going to stick with my Black Berry curve until the 3.5G iPhone comes out next year, hopefullly with larger memory and a better camera. Then I’ll be excited.

Here’s a look at how the BBC lampooned the launch today with a homage to Apple’s own advertising (Mac Guy / PC Guy). What they say is accurate and raises a smile. But the real laugh came early this morning when John Humphries, veteran of Radio 4’s Today Programme, tried to use the iPhone. He isn’t comfortable around new technology, so it was quite painful in a funny way.

One of his colleagues joked that John was trying to use the iPhone as a remote control to get BBC or ITV. Funny that…. next year, with 3.5G, you possibly will.

BBC iPhone

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