Digital Amalgamation – You Will Be Assimilated


Plaxo had a hold on some of my digital space before they were overtaken by Linked In as my business contact directory.

But Plaxo have now firmly positioned themselves beyond the site for all your business cards, mobile phone and email address data to amalgamating some of the functions of both Facebook and Linked In.

Mash-ups continue to grab digital attention. As each of us has more complex relationships and business associations involving copious amounts of online data, it does sometimes become inconvenient having to switch from one system to another to access data and complete communication and management tasks through digital networks.

So take a look and see what Plaxo have done by adding Pulse – a tool to amalgamate your Linked In, Digg,, Yahoo 360, Windows Live, You Tube, Last.FM, My space, Xanga, Twitter etc. contact management. It’s not perfect, but people want fewer and more simple digital systems to manage their connections with friends and colleagues.

Link to Plaxo Pulse here

Plaxo Pulse

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