Kevin Sugrue, Stunt Double.


I’m feeling feisty as I post this, so I hope you won’t take exception.

One of the delights of the digital age is being able to check the terms people have searched for you under.

I was pleased to find one visitor to my blog today had typed in the term ‘Kevin Sugrue, Stunt Double.’ as they searched Google.

Strangely enough, there are a few plausible reasons why this search request has been legitimately made:

– It’s true that I have volunteered to do stunt work on location whilst filming.
– My reputation for getting things done in a fearless manner has been commented on by other planners.
– I’ve recently discovered that I am in fact one of at least 3 Kevin Sugrue’s in the U.K. – my surname originates from one small part of Kerry in Ireland. I guess there is a chance that someone needs a stunt double for another Kevin Sugrue. In which case I’d be honoured to help a member of the family clan.

I guess I better get some training in before the next stunt role comes along.

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