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I love great graphic design. But once in a while it’s worth reminding yourself that all that you see isn’t quite what you think in the world of design. Here are 3 examples of work from designers with a little too much time on their hands. I hope they raise a smile.

Mr Porky


Mr Porky Pork Scratchings This project still raises a smile for me. The creative makes a very unglamorous product – Pork Scratchings – shine through with honesty and appropriate brand enthusiasm in this ad. The humour avoids being too visually graphic, while actively involving the brand’s Mr Porky butcher character who appears on the product […]

Trend spotting is a seductive thing. It lures brand managers and planners into believing they gain advantage by watching out for what some other brand is doing and then replicating a version of the idea for their own brand. To a degree of course this is tempting, as it may offer some value and lessen […]

Who said hard work never hurt anybody? The Japanese courts have ruled you can die from overwork. By Esther Addley and Laura Barton: Talk about a bad day at work. Nobuo Miuro was simply getting on with his job, when he keeled over and died. It had been a busy few weeks for the interiors […]