Lost Season 4 – back with a vengence


One TV programme that I’ve never missed an episode of is Lost. It’s a series that some avoid, perhaps because it lacks a linear approach to the multiple narratives unfolding within the programme. But I find the series a near-obsession.


Sales of DVD’s remain strong and iTunes sell a healthy volume for each episode. There is also a significant level of traffic on peer-to-peer bootleg downloading sites. So the material is easily available to catch up with.

I’ve just watched the first episode of Season 4 and I know I’ll be hooked for the whole of this new series. The programme is also supported by The Official Lost Podcast, an entertaining behind the scenes podcast from the Executive Producers (and co-writers) of the programme, Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof.

For fans who may have missed it, a teaser clip was produced for showing at a con in the USA last year. This has now been posted on YouTube and includes footage from a Dharma Initiative orientation film.

This clip acts as an intro to series followers to the presence of another Dharma hatch. This one is called The Orchid and appears to research time travel. With the last episode of Season 3 ending with a ‘flash forward’ to show characters lives in the future after they leave the island. The show is going to feature far more jumps; from the past, to the present, and to different periods of the future, as the season progresses.

The show has been confirmed now as running for a further 3 series, ending at series 6. The current new season will also feature the return of a character that was thought to have left. So the surprises continue.

Click on the link to view The Orchid orientation film:

The Orchid Link

Dharma Orientation Film - The Orchid

The series has been known to use Easter Eggs, a term used to describe snippets of information or surprises partially revealed within the programme and supporting media. While The Orchid orientation film contains a couple of Easter Eggs, another was spotted on the wall of the FPS video game Half Life 2. In episode 2 of Half Life 2 the following Dharma Initiative logo appears on a wall, revealing a logo for what looks like a new Dharma Hatch.

Dharma Logo

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