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I know the story has been brewing for a while, the lobbying, pressure groups, and media coverage have been grinding away for months now. But today it was confirmed that Steven Spielberg has stepped down as Artistic Director for the Olympic Games in Beijing. The issues surrounding China’s policy regarding Sudan have generated lots of […]


Thought to self – What do I mean by the idea ‘Every touchpoint is becoming digital’? 1. All advertising, marketing communications, products, their packaging and retail environments may now incorporate digital technology. 2. Digital doesn’t mean just the internet or wifi, it means computerised data and communication in the real world; in your car, down […]

In the U.K. The MOD have put the Army’s below-the-line communications account up for pitch. It’s a tough account, particularly in times of military action; when potential recruits are so much more aware of the dangers, rather than the thrills, of a life in military service. The account has been held in the hands of […]