Memo to self: Every touchpoint is becoming digital


Thought to self – What do I mean by the idea ‘Every touchpoint is becoming digital’?


1. All advertising, marketing communications, products, their packaging and retail environments may now incorporate digital technology.
2. Digital doesn’t mean just the internet or wifi, it means computerised data and communication in the real world; in your car, down the street, in your home, office or retailer.
3. Consumers are interacting with brands, products, customer service teams and each other by using this technology.
4. The technology is able to help brands learn more about consumers and their needs as segments and as individuals, faster.
5. Consumers wish to remain in control of brand dialogue and service interactions – but they sit back and expect to be entertained, informed and persuaded by advertising. So does advertising increasingly in a digital world mean Content.

Does advertising become what you listen to, watch or read to be entertained or informed?

Does this make digital agencies the advertising agencies of the future? And advertising agencies the programme producers of tomorrow?

Should the technology lead or follow consumer needs? Does it adapt its approach, its interface, the experience or performance based on individual consumer preferences? Are the benefits of adapting such touchpoints commercially beneficial, even if they are now technically possible?

Every touchpoint is becoming digital.


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