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I’m experiencing de ja neu again today – that world weary feeling you get when you hear something new and it strikes you as so familiar that you believe you must have heard it all before. The causes of the retro memory tugs are the new albums from Moby and R.E.M which were released today. […]

My blog is coming up to a year old and so I checked the stats provided by WordPress today. They show that this month was the first that the BrandTao blog has achieved over 1,000 views. In total the BrandTao blog has had 5,138 views in the last year, with 1,003 in March 2008 alone. […]

I launched the BrandStars brand mapping tool on Slideshare around 7 months ago. I’ve been very pleased with the level of interest and recommend using Slideshare to distribute ideas and presentations to planners and marketing people worldwide. The Link for BrandStars So far 11,417 people have viewed the document, with 2,475 downloading a copy.

A wonderful news item from the BBC. Link to the story HERE With thanks to City of Sound blog for the link prompt.

I’m appropriating a quote from Robert Runcie and abusing it for my own purpose today. I’m starting to think that the noisier a creative team are, the more insecure they may be with their ideas. The twisted quote: “Creative Departments are like a swimming pool, all the noise is at the shallow end.”

London-based Facebook users took part in a poll today to identify their favourite digital / satellite TV channel. The winner, E4, was no surprise at all. But the scores for the other channels were more interesting. Discovery Channel scored almost as strongly as Sky One, while Virgin (who have strengthend their programming in recent weeks) […]

Apparently I won another award this evening. I’ve lost count to be honest, but I’m in the double figures somewhere for marketing awards. Apparently I won the Mobile News Award again in the U.K. I think I won that one last year as well, perhaps I could use the trophies as book ends? Maybe I […]