BBC Use Digital Brand Video To Promote iPlayer


BBC iPlayer

The latest promotion for the BBC’s online iPlayer service, which allows you to catch up on the last week’s programmes, has struck a direct heading for brand engagement. Unlike Sky, Channel 4 or ITV, this brand film doesn’t focus on showing content highlights from traditionally popular programmes.

Instead the BBC have decided to release a brand engagement film which is entertaining, if obviously a digitally edited fake, as the core demonstration that the channel allows you to access content you simply must not miss.

The Flying Penguins video has been gaining a lot of media coverage, but some writers and bloggers appear to have focused on the loose tie-in with April Fools Day; the launch date for the idea, rather than how the BBC’s iPlayer service will truly benefit from this brand communication approach. If anyone truly believes this film was made purely to raise a smile on the 1st of April, they must have missed the point?

The hope was surely that of producing a media-friendly viral meme? An entertaining idea which replicates a demonstration of the service and encourages itself to be spread for other consumers to enjoy, as well as both talk and blog about.

Personally, I wish some of the sequences were a little more polished and convincing, but I think the Beeb have probably judged it best to make the amusing deception obvious, rather than confuse some people with the idea.

iPlayer Flying Penguins

Enjoy the sequence here if by chance you have been living in a cave for the last week and have missed the video. It’s fun and even has a cameo by Terry Jones.


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