Anchorman flips: life immitates art


Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy

After a couple of years of rumours, news broke recently that the new Anchorman movie, with Will Ferrell reprising the role of Ron Burgundy, is at the scriptwriting stage. I’m delighted, as the original movie was a personal favourite of mine.

In the US this week a video clip has been circulating, showing Bill O’Reilly loosing his cool.

Bill O\'Reilly Inside Edition

Bill O’Reilly is an Amerrican news institution and has been the host, writer and producer of the most watched US cable news programme ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ (Fox News channel) for nearly a decade.

But way back when, he was anchorman for Inside Edition (1988-1995). The video clip shows a classic Ron Burgundy style rant as Bill O’Reilly’s tele-prompter develops a fault, just as he tries to record the closing link for a programme. The tele-prompter looses the anchor’s script, while the anchor rapidly looses his cool.

Bill O\'Reilly anchor-mad

Go to the original: LINK

Within 24 hours of the original video appearing on YouTube, a dance-remix edit was created and posted.

The Remix: LINK

The only thing missing from this authentic anchorman-gone-postal moment is Ron Burgundy saying ‘Stay Classy San Diego’ at the end. Enjoy.

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