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Hı I’m away on holıday untıl 6th August. Apologıes for the sılence on my blog. I’ve receıved a few emaıl and text of concern, as I’m currently ın Turkey. Belıeve me, ıt’s a very large country and I am no where near the recent bombıng ın Istanbul. But thanks for the checkıng I’m okay. In […]

An article from on CGM, with an example from Toyota. Being able to overhear more consumer conversations doesn’t automatically guarantee a clearer view of consumer perception. Let the People Speak Copy of the report, in case the link dies let-the-people-speak

Your Local Newspaper Printed Wherever You Are. I noticed this wired kiosk at St.Pancras station as I waited for my Eurostar train to Paris last week. The kiosk let’s you choose from any of 600 newspapers produced daily or weekly from cities around the world. The idea being the kiosk downloads the artwork via broadband […]

I’ve been a little busy recently, so this is really an aide-mémoire to prompt me on a few posts and things. This space is in the venue near the Savoy, along the Thames Embankment, I attended 2 conferences by the Future Foundation on Friday. The building is the original home of the BBC, although is […]

You will have heard the phrase ‘We have a raft of ideas.’ If ideas arrive on rafts, is the collective noun for innovations canoes? Or is there a more suitable form of transport for them?

I heard this the other day on BBC Radio 4. A lighthearted take on being British in the noughties: What does it mean – “To be British” You spend a night out in an Irish themed pub, drinking Czech or Belgian beer, or wine from Australia. On your way home, you pick up a take […]

Apologies, I haven’t been posting during the hiatus of my change in job to work at John Brown Group as their Senior Planning Partner. I’ve been learning what the 20+ clients are up to, as well as trying to remember as many of the staff names as I can. No wonder Richard Branson advises his […]