Global Newspaper Printer


Your Local Newspaper Printed Wherever You Are.

Print any of 600 newspapers instantly

Print any of 600 newspapers instantly

I noticed this wired kiosk at St.Pancras station as I waited for my Eurostar train to Paris last week.

The kiosk let’s you choose from any of 600 newspapers produced daily or weekly from cities around the world. The idea being the kiosk downloads the artwork via broadband and is able to print your local newspaper, no matter where you are in the world.

The idea had immense appeal. Sadly I couldn’t find copies of:

The Vail Trail


The Whistler Question

But I guess my taste in niche newspapers ventures a little off-piste.

The only down-side to having a copy of foreign newspapers printed ‘hot off the press’ on demand was the price. As a quality nerwspaper is around £1 per edition in London. A charge of nearly 3 times this figure, even to obtain a more difficult to obtain daily read, appeared rather excessive. Convenience is worth a lot – but is it worth treble?

While the newspapers and magazines were flying off the shelves of this store. Sadly the new, expensive, digital news innovation stood ignored.

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