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Thanks to Dominique Poncin for a wonderful quote from Banksy:

Like many other planners, I seem awash with comment and research demonstrating the credit crunch has heralded a wave of thrift-seeking consumer behaviour. Out goes the consumer commitment to Fair Trade, organic chicken and recycling. In comes the need for a cheap holiday, cheap fuel, a restructured loan and a way of turning the left-overs […]

In case you missed the Planning at 40 celebration at JWT, here is a link to Jeremy Bullmore’s contribution to the event. Jeremy is always witty and possess a compelling view on seemingly everything related to marketing and business. I met him in a lift once, haven’t we all? The Link There are other video […]

A rather unusual story appeared in The Telegraph at the Weekend. Concerning a Swiss airline pilot who has invented a carbon-fibre wing with jet engines that he straps himself onto and flies ‘Rocket Man’ style at 180mph. He is scheduled to fly across the English Channel with it in September. Details are in the story […]

I just noticed that the music I’ve been listening to post Glastonbury and as we go through the Reading weekend has become very festival influenced. While I may lay claim to following some of the groups and artists on the list for a good while. Several of the bands on the list have been heavily […]

There are several presentations relating to brands, advertising, digital and design worth taking a look at on Slideshare. The link below shows a good example relating to Nokia. The Link