Archive for August 8th, 2008

While attending an inter-agency briefing at Hall & Partners for the British Heart Foundation recently, I spotted a dusty relic in the corner of the room . No, I’d never refer to Chris Barraclough that way; it was very nice to meet him again and he was of course as charming as usual. Digressing for […]


I had the pleasure of bumping into Luke Gaydon, an old friend and former colleague recently. After working in direct marketing agencies and at Channel 4 TV in London; he has recently joined brightcove produce the infrastructure to support internet TV and social networks. And their software also makes it relatively easy to opimise […]

I noticed this example of surface computing at Blue Water shopping mall a few months ago, but have yet to capture a video or suitable photos of the device in action. In summary the interactive projection displays several games which kids interact with to entertain them at several points as they travel around the mall. […]