CDP – still on display


While attending an inter-agency briefing at Hall & Partners for the British Heart Foundation recently, I spotted a dusty relic in the corner of the room . No, I’d never refer to Chris Barraclough that way; it was very nice to meet him again and he was of course as charming as usual.

Digressing for a moment, I then saw Simon Hall across the room at an RBS inter-agency meeting the following week. I wonder if there is a prize if you also spot Ellie Woolston and Duncan Gray in the same month?

What I did spot at Hall & Partners was an in-house ad produced by CDP, in the form of a bag. This dusty relic, which I only manged to grab a blurry snap of on my crackberry, caught my attention; if no-one elses.

I enjoy catching up with John Griffiths, of Planning Above and Beyond fame, from time to time. And he of course once worked at Collett Dickenson Pierce. An agency which really ruled London in both creativity and thinking for several years; before slipping and sliding down through account loses, talent departures, a merger and extinction. But in their day, they were perhaps as good as HHCL were in the 1990’s.

Johnny Hornby of CHI, who recently featured on the cover of Birtish Airways inflight business magazine, was also one of those who can say ‘I was there.’ – I must look back over some of their work again.

I wonder just how long Hall & Partners have kept hold of this object of agency trivia?

As for trivia, I believe Guy Ritchie (Film director and Mr Madonna) had a grandfather who used to be the CDP chairman, many decades ago.



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