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News reported on Brand Republic today informed me of the move to make Life Magazine’s entire photo library available. A link to the story is HERE, with a copy below in case the link fails. My interest, in particular, concerns the statement from Bill Shapiro, the editor of that ‘Only 3% of the Life […]

Marketing isn’t like the other departments operated by companies. Unlike finance, customer service, manufacturing or IT, the work output of marketers is often far more difficult to measure, replicate to continuous effect, or even evaluate. Making the value of marketing more variable. Some would describe it more like an art than a science. Marketers aren’t […]

While working at BHWG (now Proximity London) on a web-site re-design project in 1995/96 for Barclaycard, I remember a discussion with Jeff Harris. The idea Jeff introduced me to was micro-transactions; ones where the consumer pays tiny charges for (digital) goods or services – with each perhaps only being valued at a few cents. The […]

An interesting supplement has been published in the The Guardian newspaper today. check out the online version of the various articles at the Link The supplement includes articles and comment from: – Lee Daley (ex Red Cell and Saatchi London, now at Endeavor Marketing Services New York): Don’t Dismiss the Fame Factory – Ed Waller […]

I’ve become increasingly aware of Keyword and domain registration issues originating from China recently. These are the result of Chinese and Singapore-based registrars emailing Western businesses in large numbers with what may amount to a pressure story to sell more domain names and Keywords. These registrars then register your domains and Keyword with the CNNIC […]

I’m always interested to see how trends are magnified and influenced by the media. If you ever wondered what sort of things Vogue magazine recommends to its readers as ‘Things Not To Miss’, here is their latest top 40 list in the UK: 1. Actress Claire Foy 2. Haute hosiery 3. Black gemstones 4. The […]

Rolls Royce is a brand surrounded by evocative stories. The story possibly mentioned most often concerns the origin of the Spirit of Ecstasy; the mascot figurine which appears on the front of each car. Below is the the Wikipedia entry for The Spirit of Ecstasy story. But I’ve also included the official story from Rolls […]