The Spirit of Ecstasy

Spirit of Ecstasy 1957

Spirit of Ecstasy 1957

Rolls Royce is a brand surrounded by evocative stories. The story possibly mentioned most often concerns the origin of the Spirit of Ecstasy; the mascot figurine which appears on the front of each car.

Below is the the Wikipedia entry for The Spirit of Ecstasy story. But I’ve also included the official story from Rolls Royce, as between the two more of the story is told.

Both stories sound authentic, evocative and appropriate for the brand; they add depth and belief in the magic of Rolls Royce. The two versions of the story aren’t contradictory as such, but they do cover some different aspects of the creation, revision and manufacture of the figurine. I hope you enjoy reading them both.

Wikipedia – The Spitrit of Ecstasy LINK

Because Wikipedia changes organically, through the will of its contributors, I wouldn’t be surprised if the two versions of the story merge more closely on Wikipedia over time.

Rolls Royce – The Story of The Spirit of Ecstasy

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