Vogue’s Top 40 – Things Not To Miss


I’m always interested to see how trends are magnified and influenced by the media.

If you ever wondered what sort of things Vogue magazine recommends to its readers as ‘Things Not To Miss’, here is their latest top 40 list in the UK:

1. Actress Claire Foy
2. Haute hosiery
3. Black gemstones
4. The Bibliochaise
5. Italo Disco
6. Leather name brooches
7. Fashion victoms, a novel from Vanity Fair’s Michael roberts
8. Singer VW Brown
9. Devon hideaway: The Whitehouse
10. Biodegradable paper towelettes
11. Percy Pig confectionary from M&S
12. Bijou bags
13. Divorce lawyers
14. Luxury bedding
15. Retro cycling wear
16. Flying jackets
17. Employ boyfriend as your personal trainer
18. Bespoke headwear
19. Sony Reader
20. XO To Go takeaways
21. shoes by Rupert Sanderson
22. Big earrings
23. Craft couture
24. Cult blogs
25. Zoffany’s Morning Mist
26. Actor Michael Fassbender
27. Hobo rock
28. Chef Helene Darroze
29. Silver jewellery
30. DIY fish-smoker
31. Outdoor furniture covers
32. Rockstar for a day
33. Boys with bisexual appeal
34. Vibrating mascara
35. Shirts for women
36. Cafe The Deptford Project
37. Artist Sarah Moon
38. Alessi cutlery
39. The English apple
40. Treetop walkway at Kew

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