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Just a quick thought. I’ve been reading a bit about Haptic Communication and Haptic Technology today. Haptic relates to our sense of touch, both physical and virtual. Touch is an underused sense in branding and communications; contributing to the idea that some brands literally don’t touch and interract with consumers well enough. Haptic communication researches […]

Marketing magazine has launched a Virtual Fair. This online event offers marketers the chance to learn about some new and recent developments in consumer-engagement techniques. The site allows visitors to access video interviews with industry experts, with specialists discussing marketing techniques such as; search marketing, digital video ads, online search panels, affiliate marketing, mobile marketing, […]

Rory Sutherland is a very nice man. I once had the pleasure of working with him on a brief for BT at Ogilvy One, way back in the Mesolithic period (before Web 1.0). One of the pleasures of Facebook is the unexpected way you get caught up in the online activities of friends and Facebook […]

The U.K. car market sees fundamental shifts I’ve always loved cars. I don’t know whether it was because I was taken to the London Motorshow by my father, to see the launch of the Mk I Golf, or because my grandfather worked at a car factory (visits to which are exciting for any kid). But […]

This is a wonderful presentation, putting the US economy into context using very pertinent figures. How I wish I could obtain the same information for other countries! View the presentation: HERE Many thanks to Jeffry Pilcher for posting the presentation to Slideshare. Jeffry’s blog, The Financial Brand, is: HERE

Having worked in design agencies and been involved in the design of packaging, I admit to having a soft spot for those who are able to encapsulate and express a brand through great design. Being able to capture a brand with simplicity, distinction and impact isn’t easy. Expressing a design effectively on small items is […]

Papercut are promoting their new plugin for Doritos and it’s kicking up a whirlwind of interest on the web. The basic idea is that you visit the Doritos microsite ( and download some software that plugs into your browser. This then populates the area specificed to serve ads from sites to actually display the content […]

Am I bothered?


I never got into the Catherine Tate show, probably because it ran so close to the Little Britain formula that was popular at the time. But the chart I’ve just created pretty well sums up my mood at this moment.

So what’s it all about? There’s a big question. In the case of my humble blog, I think I’ve just found out. For while WordPress has allowed me to keep an eye on the keywords and posts that have led visitors to my site. If I understand it right the Tag Cloud, which I’ve just […]

Sushi school


Fancy learning how to make sushi? Feng Sushi run classes for sushi lovers who wish to prepare sushi and sashimi at home. The school is in Notting Hill. Click on the leaflet below, it contains contact details and school dates for October.

CoolBrands 2008/09: Link

There was a rather dull and obvious piece by Ravi Somaiya in the Guardian this week, talking about Oxfam’s search for suggestions from the public for ad poster copy. After the Oxfam story though, he went on to give his take on some famous advertising straplines and there was one mentioned here that made me […]