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While reading a presentation from Microsoft concerning cloud computing platforms and applications HERE. I came across 3 slides that demonstrated the level of digital activity relating to NBC’s online coverage of the Beijing Olympics 2008. The headline figures include 1.3bn views, 50m unique visitors, 70 million videos streamed and an average site visit time of […]

I love brand taglines. Brand taglines, or straplines if you prefer, have gone out of fashion in recent years. Particularly with the rise in global brand simplification and standardisation, so evident in digital brands such as Google. But the simplification or even absence of straplines may also be symptomatic of the tortuous and expensive creation […]

The voter demographics for yesterday’s US Presidential election make interesting reading. The clear splits along Southern States vs Eastern, voter racial group, city-dweller versus rural etc. are brought into sharp contrast. The religious beliefs of the voters also played a key part in the result. As did gun ownership, although some might call this a […]

Windows Live / Hotmail had a makeover today. The introduction of the new UI around over a year ago for Hotmail caused a serious amount of ‘consumer feedback.’ One of the criticisms then being that it was no longer possible to view the size of attachments received. The new UI is a cosmetic makeover mostly […]