Windows Live / Hotmail Makeover


Windows Live / Hotmail had a makeover today. The introduction of the new UI around over a year ago for Hotmail caused a serious amount of ‘consumer feedback.’ One of the criticisms then being that it was no longer possible to view the size of attachments received.

The new UI is a cosmetic makeover mostly but I like it. It is clearer and easy to use. However I wish I could see how much disk space I’ve left from my quota while in the ‘inbox’ view. I much prefer to know if I’m running out of room while I’m viewing mail.

I guess I should get around to reading some of my Hotmail though – it currently registers 3,304 unread email. I guess that is probably enough spam for anyone? I clearly need to work on my filter settings?

3304 unread emails in inbox

3304 unread emails in inbox


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