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Here’s a rough thought that has just started to form in my mind. It’s in a raw form, but perhaps typing it out will help me to clarify and explore it better? People are only able to create and express ideas within the framework of their vocabulary. We are perhaps all limited by what we […]

Some everyday, innocuous, things sometimes take on a life unto themselves. Take the sale of this PlayMobil toy on Amazon as an example: A small group of like-minded people with an off-beat humour have created a series of posts taking a shot at the issues surrounding airport security, terrorism and educating children. Read through the […]

A study carried out at the Uppsala University on indoor air quality and subjective indoor air quality (SIAQ) in schools states that the perception of high room temperature was related to a poor level of co-operation in the class. To achieve a good SIAQ, it recommends room temperature should be at a maximum of 24.0 […]

Today Management Today promptly announced the news: ‘Britain’s economy shrank by 1.5% in the fourth quarter of last year, according to figures released this morning by the Office for National Statistics, a steeper drop than most analysts were expecting. It’s also the second consecutive quarter of decline, officially confirming what every man, woman and dog […]

The launch of a new agency is a cause for celebration and optimism; particularly given the gloomy IPA Bellweather report and the stream of bad news for advertising agencies in Campaign over recent months. Adam & Eve have launched in London and won their founding client in their first week. James Murphy, Ben Priest and […]

Simple advice for brands facing up to the tough economy in 2009? Don’t wish to be everything to everyone. But be something special to someone. ~Traditional Javan Saying~

How many times have you heard people in the mentoring business talk about the importance for you to have a personal brand? Well Christopher Doyle took the next logical step it seems and created a set of brand identity guidelines; so he always appears consistently and correctly in-line with his personal brand. The doc has […]