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I’ve just updated my music section, but it just reminded me that I haven’t sang the praises of Last.FM anywhere near enough. This is, quite possibly, my most used digital app that doesn’t relate to work. Below is a snippet from my updated list of the top 50 groups / artists / composers that I […]

While I usually edit images for my blog or presentations from my PC Laptop. I needed to convert an image file on my MAC today. Unlike every other Mac owner (possibly), I don’t have software for this on the Powerbook I’ve been trying out. While the Mac’s Grab utility is useful, it saves files as […]

What, you may ask, do Florence (Italy) and Ningbo (China) share in common? Well, the simple answer was that the two cities were twinned. But it appears a touch of civic uncertainty now also links the local government officials from both cities even more tightly. The problem has risen in the form of art – […]

Andy Bounds wrote a book called The Jelly Effect, published last year. I’m catching up on my blog posts and this was one on my list to mention. Related Weblinks: Book highlights: HERE Video excerpt from Author: HERE 10 presentation tips from Andy Bounds. 1. Preparation – ensure your work proves you can […]