Zamzar – online image file conversion


While I usually edit images for my blog or presentations from my PC Laptop. I needed to convert an image file on my MAC today. Unlike every other Mac owner (possibly), I don’t have software for this on the Powerbook I’ve been trying out.

While the Mac’s Grab utility is useful, it saves files as TIFF images – which aren’t compatible with WordPress. So when I wanted to convert a TIFF file to a PC and WordPRess friendly jpg today the hunt began for a (free) online utility that would allow me to upload a TIFF file and download it as a jpg.

A Google search later and I had found the Beta of Zamzar.

Zamzar allows you to upload files in a variety of image formats from PC or Mac (I haven’t tried Linux, but I’d guess yes). You then provide Zamzar with an email address and your required format and they email you back the reformatted image for free.

The good news for the Beta, it worked, it worked first time and it worked well.

The kind of expected not so great news; the turnaround time was around 25 – 30 minutes (I’m not a paying subscriber, I chose the free and slow service).

But the inconvenience was small and the service was fine.

So if you need to reformat an image and don’t have the software to do so, I recommend Zamzar.

I wonder if they will start to allow you to resize, rotate, crop or lower the quality of an image you supply (making them a smaller file size) in the future?



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