breast cancer blogger gains the attention of the Twitteratti


One of my agency colleagues is a personal friend of Lisa Lynch.

Lisa has recently passed the tipping point for bloggers, being mentioned by the Twitteratti and is starting to catch media attention.

She is 28 years old and has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She set up a blog to help her through the impact of the news, the treatment and to express her views on life.

Her blog:

Her Twitter feed:

Her writing style is very engaging around what at best may be described as a difficult subject.

Stephen Fry recently Twittered “I don’t think she’d mind me calling her the web’s top cancer bitch.”

Do take a look at what she has to say.

Alright Tit

Alright Tit

2 Responses to “breast cancer blogger gains the attention of the Twitteratti”

  1. 1 sauer kraut

    Who is Stephen Fry and why is he calling Lisa Lynch a bitch? Perhaps it’s an inside joke which is lost on a lurker such as myself.

  2. 2 brandtao

    I should first of all explain that Lisa Lynch is aware of Stephen Fry’s comment and recognises the humour and flattery in it. To British ears the comment won’t have been heard as, or originally intended to be, insulting or demeaning in any manner.

    Now, who is Mr Fry? Well that’s possibly not a question with a one line answer, if I wished to do him any justice.

    Stephen Fry is a British writer, TV presenter, comedian, blogger, podcaster, Twitter, taxi driver, raconteur, grammarian and all-round source of much knowledge and wit.
    Sort of a less smug and more diversely talented John Sessions, if you like.

    He would, I’m sure, also mention other things such as occasional actor (stage and screen, the Oscar Wilde movie probably being his most well-known performance). He will, in due time, probably become referred to as a national treasure in England.

    He studied at Cambridge, joining Footlights (also famous for starting the career of other famous British comedians, such as Peter Cook). He revised the script for the musical theatre production of ‘Me and My Girl’ in the 1980’s and starred alongside Hugh Laurie (aka Dr. House) in a comedy series ‘A Bit of Fry and Laurie’ in the 1990’s.

    His books include The Hippopotamus, Making History and The Star’s Tennis Balls. All of which I recommend reading. I’m sure he’s written non-fiction and done lots of other amazing stuff. He presents the long running TV series QI and recently made a TV travelogue series of a tour of America. He is working on another project now I believe involving environmental concerns and endangered species. This follows up on some work by the now deceased British author Douglas Adams (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fame).

    If you have children they may well recognise his voice as the narrator of the Harry Potter audio books.

    Google, Wikipedia and Twitter him. You’ll find he’s there in spades and I’ve probably only mentioned the tip of his celebrity iceberg.

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