Archive for January 21st, 2009

An interesting presentation from The Economist has been posted by Geertdesager on Slide Share. It discusses how changes in advertising spend may effect brands during a recession. Specifically it makes the case that the brands who continue to spend, or spend more, through a recession benefit in the mid-to-long term. Many thanks to the Fallon […]

The Veet brand in Australia have placed a press ad that plays the offline viral card rather strongly. A well placed and simply executed tactical idea. I wonder if the ad would feel so appropriate to US or UK consumers as it surely does for Australian? I wish they ran the ad in other markets […]

I was delighted to notice this morning that over 50,000 people have now taken an interest in BrandStars, my brand positioning and mapping tool. With around 8,500 downloading a copy to keep. The system was developed to position and map more complex product portfolios, such as those held by automotive brands or manufacturers like Sony […]