Adam & Eve – the genesis of a new agency

Adam & Eve Founding Partners

Adam & Eve Founding Partners

The launch of a new agency is a cause for celebration and optimism; particularly given the gloomy IPA Bellweather report and the stream of bad news for advertising agencies in Campaign over recent months.

Adam & Eve have launched in London and won their founding client in their first week.

James Murphy, Ben Priest and David Golding (all ex-RKCR/YR), Jon Forsyth (ex-Naked), are the founding partners and have the challenge of creating the new advertising campaign for Phones 4u. I will watch their progress with interest.

Purely co-incidentally I bumped into Julian Hough and Leon Jaume (WCRS) near Charlotte Street yesterday (where else?). They had repitched for the Phones 4u account and while their work and the work of the media agency (MediaVision) during my watch was very effective, considering the budget available. I did mention that I guessed the new marketing team at Phones 4u may possibly wish to make their own mark (and add something new to their c.v.?). Campaign change was clearly possible.

Campaign continuity can pay dividends, particularly for brands with less budget to fuel new creative and extend media presence. And I’m sure WCRS would have enjoyed working on what would have been the third installment of the Jack campaign. But WCRS will no-doubt win another dozen pitches this year and soon forget about it.

I genuinely wish Adam & Eve every success with their own approach to Phones 4u’s advertising. The market is more competitive and 02 have demonstrated that a mobile company that consistently invests in its brand communications and consumer experience, as much as its competitive sales message, gains market share and customer loyalty.

I’ll keep an observant eye out. Talking of which…

I’m sure Adam & Eve will soon find their web-site shooting up the Google search list. In the meantime, there are an eclectic mix of other Adam & Eve’s for them to rub shoulders with.

Adam & Eve Agency Search

Adam & Eve Agency Search

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