Stranger than fiction


Some everyday, innocuous, things sometimes take on a life unto themselves. Take the sale of this PlayMobil toy on Amazon as an example:

Playmobil Security

Playmobil Security

A small group of like-minded people with an off-beat humour have created a series of posts taking a shot at the issues surrounding airport security, terrorism and educating children.

Read through the posts to see what I mean in the CUSTOMER REVIEW section at the bottom of the page you link to from HERE.

Excerpts from the reviews include:

By: loosenut (Seattle, WA)
‘I was a little disappointed when I first bought this item, because the functionality is limited. My 5 year old son pointed out that the passenger’s shoes cannot be removed. Then, we placed a deadly fingernail file underneath the passenger’s scarf, and neither the detector doorway nor the security wand picked it up. My son said “that’s the worst security ever!”. But it turned out to be okay, because when the passenger got on the Playmobil B757 and tried to hijack it, she was mobbed by a couple of other heroic passengers, who only sustained minor injuries in the scuffle, which were treated at the Playmobil Hospital.’

By: Zampano (New York City) –
Durability: Fun: Educational:
‘Thank you Playmobil for allowing me to teach my 5-year old the importance of recognizing what a failing bureaucracy in a ever growing fascist state looks like. ‘

By M. MCKNIGHT “reviewer” (US)
‘This toy would be a lot more realistic with about 350 people standing in line for an average of an hour. It still makes a nice set with the interrogation room.’

It seems this toy has grown a cult following online, possibly not for the best of reasons. But the real joke may perhaps be the other items Amazon suggest viewers have taken an interest in.

Items also viewed

Items also viewed

These include Uranium Ore, which has its own community of writers posting strange humour HERE.

People naturally create and participate in social media groups involving subjects that interest them. Perhaps more-so for unusual topics.

Uranium Ore

Uranium Ore

Perhaps Amazon should launch a social media network?


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